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International English

- one of the most appreciated theatre companies in Sweden

In certain corners of life you can find some rest
in the delusion that the world is good.
That happens, for example, often at Pero Theatre
where life seems possible to influence.
A very positive way of relating to a child audience.
A lie, yes indeed, but when reality turns up around 10 – 12 years of age,
the child exposed to Pero's mime stunts and fantasy
at least is equipped with a cocky pride as an antidote
to despondency and existential dispair.
Dagens Nyheter

Pero Theatre was founded in 1983 by Peter Engkvist & Roger Westberg and creates theatre for children, adolescence and adults. Peter Engkvist is today the Artistic Director of Pero Theatre.

Since 1993 Pero Theatre house two stages in the heart of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, presenting own performances almost every day together with guest appearances, about 500 performances a year (700 performances 2015).

During the last years Pero Theatre has been performing in festivals e.g. Denmark, USA, Ireland, Korea, Cameroon, Japan and China.

Pero Theatre has been conducting workshops abroad for actors and directors since 1987 (e.g. Finland, Iceland, China, India and Vietnam).

Pero Theatre´s artistic foundation is built on mime and mimical storytelling combined with music and dialogue. As a company performing for children Pero Theatre is well established and has toured all around Stockholm, Sweden and the rest of the world.

Several of Pero Theatre´s plays has received awards such as Örjan – the Eagle Afraid of Heights which received The Governments Award for Children - & Adolescent Theatre in 1992 and the papers wrote ...one of the greatest dramatizations the theatre of children has ever seen. Dagens Nyheter

The plays The Wizard of Oz and The Boy and the Star was nominated for the Critics Award.

In 2011 Pero Theatre was invited to perform with Aston's stones at The 17th ASSITEJ Performing Arts Festival and Congress in Copenhagen and Malmoe. ...performed by three scenic geniuses. DN ...exquisite and heartwarming... SvD ...backing up children, in quietness and on soft and gentle musical paws. Expressen

In 2012 Pero Theatre was invited to participate with Aston's stones at The Imaginate Festival in Edinburgh and gave the performance on the 12th - 14th of May. The Herald wrote ...a deliciously whimsical take on childhood obsessions by Teater Pero (Sweden). Lovely live, jazzy music from three hilariously deadpan performers adds sophisticated swing to this simple family tale (for three to six years) of a boy who "adopts" lonely stones. Tinies giggled and parents grinned, maybe ruefully. In July Peter Engkvist and the actors in Aston's stones led a workshop for actors and directors in Lhasa, Tibet.
In spring 2013 Aston's stones went on tour for three weeks in Wales and played thereafter 11 performances at the Unicorn Theatre in London. In July 2013 Aston's stones performed at TACT Festival in Osaka, Japan and in January 2014 we made one performance at SHOWCASE: Swedish Performing Arts for Children and Young Audiences, New York. In June 2014 the show was touring for three weeks in Australia and in July 2016 we performed the show at four different venues in the Aichi area at Joint Festival in Nagoya, Japan.
In 2017 Aston's stones performed at Southbank Centre in London as a part of Imagine Festival:
The ensemble also made a tour during three weeks at Tianqiao Arts Centre in Beijing.
In January 2018 the ensemble played, in german, at a festival in Nürnberg, Panoptikum Kindertheater aus Bayern und Europa and in March Aston's stones perfomed at Young at Art, at Belfast Children's Theatre, and Hullabaloo Theatre in Darlington.
Aston's stones where touring in Germany during three weeks in March-April 2019 (Starke Stücke Festival) and visited Bad Homburg, Aschaffenburg, Swalbach, Obersthausen, Offenbach, Frankfurt, Ludwigshafen and Marburg. In Marburg the performance won "First prize for best production" at the KUSS festival.
During summer 2019 Aston's stones will tour in China for three weeks (Zhengzhou Little Dreamer Theatre, Tianjin Liuli Theatre and Kunshan Hubnovo) and in South Korea (Jongno Children's Theatre in Seoul and Playhouse, Asia Culture Center in Gwangju).

Astons Stones In Conversation with Hannes Berger, Manager Learning & Access Programs - part of Arts Centre Melbourne's 2014 Primary Schools Program.
In Dublin Aston's stones were perfomed as an Autism driendly performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ8uEKvFmQE&feature=youtu.be

Productions available for touring abroad: (All of these are performed in English, Aston's stones can also be performed in german)

Aston Stenar/Aston's stones (3 - 6 years)

The story about the little dog who want to take care of all the stones he can find. Some are big and some are small. One is sad and another one feels cold. All of them in need to be taken care of. Every stone gets to follow Aston home and is greeted with a warm and cosy bed.
This story is about how easy it is to love and the ability to see and to appreciate the value in small things – even in a little stone From a child’s perspective it’s so easy to love and to show empathy, there are no obstacles. As a grown ups we can usually only remember how easy it was.

"...performed by three scenic geniuses." Dagens Nyheter

"...exquisite and heartwarming..." Svenska Dagbladet

"...backing up children, in quietness and on soft and gentle musical paws." Expressen

"Teater Pero’s play is small but perfectly-formed. In fact, Aston’s Stones is as close to perfect as theatre gets." Childrens Theatre Reviews

"Using mime, dialogue and a jazzy musical score, with Sondheimesque qualities, it is a perfectly pitched introduction to a variety of theatre styles and storytelling techniques for three- to six-yearolds. Good news for anyone who can catch its final performances at the Ark this weekend..." The Irish Times

Artistic director: Peter Engkvist
Actor: Ulf Eriksson, Baura L Magnúsdóttir and Magnus Lundblad
Translation to English: Eva C Johansson
Translation to German: Dirk H Fröse
From a book by: Lotta Geffenblad
Photo: José Figueroa
Music: Ulf Eriksson
Duration: 30 minutes
Performed in English or German
Download details of Aston's stones

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Aston's stones from Teater Pero on Vimeo.

Hannes Berger, Manager Learning & Access Programs -- part of Arts Centre Melbourne's 2014 Primary Schools Program about Aston's stones

Kan själv!/That’s mine! (2½ - 6 years)

Here you’ll meet two people trying. Trying hard to work together. And getting better!
To struggle with an impossible task, to find solutions and most of all never to give up - is something children can! And if children can, we grown-ups also could. Once upon a time.
A swinging show about working together. Serious playing. Like life itself.

"...an ingenious fantasy about children’s omnipotence and ability to play. There’s a framework to playing, but creativity is boundless." Svenska Dagbladet

"...driven by a dancing lightness and a warm irony when the actors balance along over small upturned zinc buckets and builds a world out of boxes and watering cans that neither more nor less visualizes the world." Dagens Nyheter

The show was selected to participate in Bibu, the most important performing arts biennal for children and youth in Sweden, in May 2016. The jury’s motivation
"Humouristic, beautiful and respectful! With knowledge, experience and interest in and about the audience, Teater Pero has created a show with few words about mine and yours, help yourself or help each other. Carefully and playfully the scenography is used to create magic and atmosphere. The actors meticulously embraces the dramatic act of stepping onto a carpet or watching a flower bloom. Taking care of the audience respectfully, no matter what ages."

Director & idea: Peter Engkvist
On stage: Kaj Ahlgren and Pernilla Göst
Set design: Peter Engkvist and Lina Serning
Costume: Lina Serning
Duration: 30 minutes

Download details of That’s mine!  

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That's mine from Teater Pero on Vimeo.

Nära Ögat/Death’s Teeth (4 - 10 years)

With movement, mime, music and live filming on stage, Pero Theatre playfully creates a truly tall story. An old granny speaks of her wild young days in the 1920’s.
The past and present get intertwined in this thrilling story about a young adventurous woman setting out on a perilous journey to the vast snow covered plains of Mongolia.
Death’s Teeth is based on Ulf Nilsson’s book ”De långa grå tänderna” (The Long Grey Teeth).

"... playfully the story is evolved with charm, humour, inventive physical performance, a couple of suitcases, filmed features and Ulf Eriksson's mood enhancing music./.../ ...a thoroughly pleasant thriller." Svenska Dagbladet

"Peter Engkvist's directing and the trio on stage rule. It is really really good and dangerously funny." Dagens Nyheter

Director: Peter Engkvist
Actors: Ulf Eriksson, Magnus Lundblad, Baura L Magnúsdóttir
Music: Ulf Eriksson
Set design & costume: Lina Serning
Light design: Tobias Angelback
Duration: 40 minutes

Download details of Death’s Teeth

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Death's teeth English subtitles Swedish speaker from Teater Pero on Vimeo.

For more information, please contact Cecilia(a)pero.se